A team of professionals and working class Nigerians working to support effective participation, economic progress, inclusive prosperity and positive social change in Nigeria.

We believe that a Nigeria of our highest aspirations is still possible, and that leadership is at the heart of that vision. We breve that the power to aspire and to attain lie in the hands of we, the people. What is however not in our hands is the time we have left to make this happen. And time is running out.

In a few months we will be given the opportunity to exercise that power. If democracy gives us anything it offers us the chance to shape our destiny the way we deem best. Unlike at any other time since the return to the democratic system in 1999, we are faced with a decision of which we may never have another chance to right a wrong one. The next election offers zero margin of error. Our country is in a difficult, delicate place.

Our polity, our economy, our condition are all products of our deliberate choices. They are the outcomes of the people we choose to lead us. Poor leadership affects every Nigerian – young, old, rich, poor; white or blue collar; North or South; Muslim and Christian. So choosing our leaders is not an emotional project. It is a rational enterprise. We chose the leader to govern us, and she/he will deliver only according to her/his ability. Nothing more, nothing less. But the consequence – cost or benefit – of our action will live with us. Not in the past, but in the present and the future; with us, our children and children’s children. It is not so complicated that only the geniuses among us can relate. Neither does it apply to one and spares the other. In the words of teacher Clark, we all rise, fall, sink or swim together.

We seek to mobilise Nigerians to take active interest in democratic processes leading to decisions that affect governance in the country. We totally abhor any hint of tribal, religious or pecuniary motivations in our principles, instruments and methods. We support and accept support only from individuals, groups or institutions whose agendas are related to economic progress, inclusive prosperity and positive social change in Nigeria.